How is Echosat Inc supported?

  • Echosat Inc is proactively supported 24x7x365 by extensive monitoring
  • Call Support: 800-393-3246
  • The Echosat Inc Support Team is a group of highly trained engineers and knowledgeable network technicians.  If ever you need assistance with your Echosat System, our helpdesk is always available.

What happens if my internet connection stops working?

  • Your internet connection may stop working, but this doesn’t mean your business has to. EchoSat’s standard configuration has smart, automatic dial backup (DBU). When your internet connection drops out, dial backup automatically sends your transactions over a connected phone line until your internet is restored. Echosat also has a cellular wireless backup option to eliminate dial lines entirely.

Does Echosat’s product service have a per transaction charge?

  • Echosat’s product services are offered at an economical flat monthly price, never a per transaction fee.

How long does it take to get your Echosat product system?

  • In most cases your ordered product ships the same day. Choose your own shipping priority, and if needed you can be up and running on high-speed with Echosat within 24 hours.

Are Echosat’s products easy to install?

  • Yes! We have taken great care to make all our products as easy to install as possible and enclose complete install guides and offer install support 24x7x365.
  • Once you receive your device and plug it into an available internet port, the device will phone home and automatically register itself with the Echosat network. Then just configure your point-of-sale, ATM or other EFT device by referring to the install guide for your specific POS/device configuration settings

What do I do if I need more info and assistance?

  • Please give us a call at: 800-393-3246