Whatever your business, Echosat offers the solution to suit your secure data communication needs. We  can help you compete in the marketplace by increasing the speed and reliability of your most critical business functions.


A Proven Solution

Echosat’s SPG solution is meticulously designed with the latest secure communication technologies. SPG is fully redundant with geographic & carrier diversity and supports multiple processors and endpoints.

PaySafe SPG

A Flexible Solution

Are you ready for the next level of security? Connecting your point of sale network has never been easier. PaySafe SPG gives you a flexible solution to meet all of your needs while keeping your customer’s personal payment information secure and the POS connected.


A Rapid Solution

Echosat’s Connectivity solutions are extrememly fast, fully secure and consistently reliable.We can help your stores achieve the fastest transactions possible with Echosat!

Echosat’s products deliver POS, ATM and other financial EFT transactions to multiple end-points, efficiently and economically. Additionally we can help you connect even the most remote store locations so they can benefit from high-speed connectivity and real time store-to-HQ communication functions.

Let us be your tools of the trade.

  • 100% PCI compliance

  • World Class Service

  • Flexible, Modular Solutions

  • Significant Cost Savings

  • Proactive site level monitoring by EchoSat help-desk, 24x7x365

Merchants Supported by Echosat Each Year


Security Solutions

Echosat takes pride that all our Solutions are 100% PCI Compliant, ensuring that your security is one of our top priorities. Since our founding in 1973 Echosat has developed a powerful set of PCI compliant data security and network control systems designed to ensure your critical data is protected and reliably delivered.